11 augustus 2021


Image selection for WATERPROOF. This hefty book tells the extraordinary story of the creation of the landscape, the eternal battle against the water and the companies that settled in the region and caused international furore with their innovative ideas. The story of the creation of the Drechtsteden reads like a wildly exciting novel. In 1421, the St. Elisabethflood wipes a piece of the Netherlands off the map. But the area bounces back, reinvents itself and proves to be the breeding ground for the best dike builders, dredgers, hydraulic engineers, bridge builders and ship builders. 600 years after this flood, this book shows the icons of the area: Kinderdijk with its windmills, the Biesbosch, the inner city of Dordrecht, the historic clapboard lock at Alblasserdam, at least 80% consists of landscape photography, portraits of people in function, company photography, historical prints, maps and photography of projects at home and abroad. In a limited edition, WATERPROOF is launched on the night of the Elisabeth flood of 18 to 19 November 1421/2021.

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