Monuments of Climate Change (The North) bij Het Lage Noorden in Marrum

23 mei 2023

Lauwersmeerdijk From: Monuments of Climate Change ©2021

From 4 June to 1 October 2023, a selection of Monuments of Climate Change will be on display at Het Lage Noorden. In this project I show those landscapes and locations in The Netherlands where people have embraced water as a friend or fought it as an enemy for centuries. Landscapes, from the former island of Schokland (now part of the Noordoostpolder) to the Zandmotor (a pilot project in the form of an artificial sandbank off the coast of South Holland) and locations with water-regulating means, from revised use of old ‘rijsdammen’ and mounds to a fresh-salt transition with fish passage (Friesland) and the Double Dike (Groningen). Without these interventions, living with water – the Dutch (cultural) past and its future – would be built on marshy ground,

At the time of my AiR in 2021 at this Mondriaan residency, I photographed the latest innovations on the Frisian and Groningen coast. These photos can now be seen at Het Lage Noorden in Marrum. Het Lage Noorden, on the Frisian Waddenzeedijk, is, also because of its role (including a Summer School) during the Landscape Triennial 2023 – theme ‘Dynamic Wadden Delta’), the perfect location for showing Monuments of Climate Change (The North).

Info and opening hours: Het Lage Noorden

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