Metronome – tidal facility

14 juli 2021

Metronoom – getijdensimulator van Maarten Kleinhans, Universiteit Utrecht

For the second time to Utrecht to photograph the simulation installation of Utrecht University. I was there for the first time in January 2019, but in the meantime The Metronome has been given a different location. Maarten Kleinhans, professor of biogeomorphology of rivers and estuaries at this university, constructed a twenty by three meter long flume that moves up and down every half minute to simulate the action of the tidal current and sediment transport on a scale. With this immense research instrument, Kleinhans and his team simulate the formation of Wadden Sea-like basins and estuaries in a test set-up with sand by this tilting. Shallow coastal waters and estuaries are formed by the supply of river water, sediment and tidal currents and are breeding grounds for shellfish and fish, and therefore of great ecological value. All major ports in the world are also located in estuaries, so it is crucial that they remain navigable and not flooded.

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