Landscaping Nature?

3 mei 2020

working title: Landscaping Nature – Reykjanes Power Plant – Anja de Jong©2019

Now that my ‘Monuments of Climate Change’ (about our attitude (in The Netherlands) towards water that evolved from a survival strategy by protecting against water according to new insights to that of embracing water and what that means for the landscape) is ready to be completed, I want substantively and visually investigate how this functions with another unavoidable force of nature, and the opposite of water: fire, in the form of volcanism and geothermal energy. Therefore, the invitation for an Artist-in-Residence in Iceland in the summer of 2019 was an excellent opportunity to implement this intention. After extensive research in advance, the journey and accommodation, and the work on location there, a series of images has now formed in recent months after extensive selection and editing.

Copyright © Anja de Jong