10 juli 2021

Foto: Aad Hoogendoorn

Visit to the sub-exhibition ‘The High Ground’ of the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, which was set up as an IABR-Atelier in the Biesboschhal in Dordrecht, where 5 architectural firms present their plans for the De Staart district (as a possible escape ‘mound’). Each by means of video animation and a (series) model(s), in which the relationship between desired daily use and necessary use in times of flooding is made clear: what must and what can be done. All this under the title ‘water safety as a lever for sustainable urban development’. The Atelier is investigating how De Staart can be set up as a safe, self-sufficient shelter in the event of imminent flooding, in such a way that this approach can serve to initiate a truly sustainable area development that also offers a solution to the city’s construction task. which makes room for the next economy after the energy transition, which ensures good accessibility, and which reconnects Dordrecht with water and nature

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