Exhibition: DordtYart 2014

7 augustus 2014

Dubbelmonde – Submersa, Anja de Jong©

During the exhibition DordtYart2014 shows Anja de Jong shows her location related project:
‘Submersa’ (drowned), a photographic search for the locations of the in the 15th century drowned villages of the Grote or Zuid-Hollandse Waard (polder) on and around the isle of Dordrecht.

(Her earlier mentioned work ‘Five Eras – Five Cultures’ (2012), a photography project made by De Jong in Gros Morne National Park on Newfoundland, Canada is also still to be seen in the exhibition.)

Maasstraat 11,
3313 CR Dordrecht.
Opening times: Thursday – Sunday 11 till 17 pm.

Copyright © Anja de Jong