DordtYart2019 ‘Appear/Disappear’

20 maart 2019

April 21, the last year of DordtYart opens in the monumental machine hall on Maasstraat 11 in Dordrecht. I took part on DordtYart2014 with my exhibitions ‘Five Eras – Five Cultures’ and, after a period of research ‘Submersa (drowned)’.

In 2019 DY closes after eight years of exhibitions and experiments and during this period many artists developed their works in the mighty industrial environment of the Biesboschhal. The ‘grande finale’ has the motto verschijnen/verdwijnen (appear/disappear), where 17 artists are challenged to work with this theme. From Thursday to Sunday the public is welcome to follow and speak the artists during their research on and creating their installations. Look here for DY’s agenda.

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