City Artist (Stadskunstenaar) … still 1 year to go.

23 december 2022

Tongplaat, Anja de Jong ©2022

In the last months I photographed as city artist in a number of places in and around Dordrecht. Interim presentations during the Dag van de Geschiedenis in the City Archive, during the talkshow about the project ‘SpotLights On – Bruggen in het licht’ in the Energiehuis and, of course, for the client in the museum gave a preliminary insight into my assignment. My theme is and remains “water” in all its/my meanings for the city of Dordrecht. In the coming year I will work towards the final presentation of the project in the museum and the transfer of the photos to the Dordrecht Regionaal Archief.

Copyright © Anja de Jong