Monuments of Climate Change

Born on the North Sea coast, daughter of a ship’s mechanic and living in a house that is part of a dike, it is no wonder De Jong’s current ‘project in progress’ again deals with water.

A large part of The Netherlands lies below sea level and this country has withstood an endless succession of storm floods. Again and again climate change, subsidence and/or a rising sea level have made it necessary to recalibrate, adjust and renew the existing defences against the water. Currently the landscape is again being altered, so that we can continue to be able to keep our heads above water in the future.

In her project ‘Monuments of Climate Change’ she shows those landscapes and locations with different kind of defences where, for centuries, man has tried either to embrace the water as a friend or to fight it as an enemy. Without these interventions, we build our life with water – our (cultural) past and our future – on marshy ground indeed.

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