Moldova’s Water

On the invitation of Galerie Aorta, Anja de Jong worked as artist-in-residence for 3 weeks in Moldova, Europe’s forgotten, and poorest, country.

After an extensive exploration of the capital Chisinau, she decided to take Moldova’s water as the theme for a series of photographs. Looking at the photos, the viewer is immediately confronted by defunct fountains and empty pools, but also indirectly with the deplorable state of the parks in which they stand and the buildings to which they belong.

Alunelul Park, Chişinău – Moldova 

Moldovan Meteorological Offices, Chişinău – Moldova 


Since the economy collapsed the water of the Dniestr River is clean enough again for water recreation – Moldova 

Institute for Oncology, Chişinău – Moldova 

‘Miorita’ pioneers’ camp from the Soviet time now used as summer camp – Moldova 

Project: Moldova's Water

Sewage treatment plant, Chişinău – Moldova 

Stefan cel Mare şi Sfînt Public Garden, Chişinău – Moldova 

Economy Faculty, Chişinău – Moldova 

La Izvor Park, Chişinău – Moldova

 La Izvor Park, Chişinău – Moldova

Children’s Hospital, Chişinău – Moldova 

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