Landscaping Nature – Iceland

‘Landscaping Nature’, photographed on Iceland, land of fire and ice, is the mirror project of my long-term project ‘Monuments of Climate Change’ dealing with The Netherlands as waterland. Both projects are about the relationship between man and landscape, in which the two countries mirror a few important points.

Iceland (still) has a large area of ​​original nature, in contrast to The Netherlands, which consists exclusively of land that has been cultivated over the centuries. This country, largely below sea level, where new ‘nature’ is being created under the pressure of climate change in order to keep afloat in the future.  While in Iceland it is precisely the original nature, with forces such as hot spots, volcanism and hydropower, that comes under pressure due to increased use in favour of energy and (growing) tourism.

One can speak of a survival strategy for both countries, but in ‘Landscaping Nature’ as well as in ‘Monuments of Climate Change’ the question can be asked how far man can, may or must go with irreversible interventions in the natural -/cultural landscape for the benefit of mankind?

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