Ice Edge

55°50′ N 11°50′ E, Isefjorden, Denmark 1955. Original small photographs 5×5 cm. Photography: crew of the ‘Depa’

Born in Scheveningen, a Dutch fishing village on the North Sea coast, De Jong experienced the grandeur of the elements from an early age and her fascination of the sea was almost inevitable. However, for a long time ’that sea’ seemed too complex and abstract for photographic paper.

Going through an old family album, she found a small photo of her father, which would initiate the Ice Edge project. That picture taken in 1955, shows Pieter de Jong, engineer of a small coaster, standing next to the ship on the ice of the Danish Isefjord. The ship is frozen fast in the ice and is waiting for an icebreaker.

In two successive years De Jong went in search of the new Ice Edge, with voyages through the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia made possible by the Koninklijke Wagenborg shipping company.


De ijsgrens trekt op naar het noorden door Jaap Röell©, Tubelight

‘De ijsgrens trekt op naar het noorden’
Recensie door auteur Jaap Röell, Tubelight, 3-7-2011

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Radio interview door Annemieke Smit©, 'de Avonden', VPRO Radio

Radio interview door Annemieke Smit in ‘de Avonden’, VPRO, 15-4-2011

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Collector’s Item

Ice Edge – IJsgrens
Anja de Jong
Collector’s item, designed and composed in 2011

A multiple in a run of 30 copies consisting of a portfolio designed by
Vincent van Baar and 3 original pigment prints made by Anja de Jong from her project Ice Edge – IJsgrens. The prints are signed and numbered by the photographer. A covering and illustrated text about the project Ice Edge – IJsgrens is included.

Form: format portfolio 50 x 35cm, finished with acid free paper.
The format of the pigment prints is 48 x 34cm, image size 37,5 x 25cm.

Idea, design and production:
Author: Anja de Jong, Dordrecht
Translation: Jenny Rietdijk-Shepherd, Dordrecht
Graphic design: Vincent van Baar, Den Haag
Printing: Kees Knaap Zeefdruk, Den Haag
Production folder: GSB Grafische Bedrijven, Alpen a/d Rijn

How to order:
Title: Collector’s item Ice Edge – IJsgrens
Price: € 350,= (shipping costs not included)
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Copyright © Anja de Jong